We hit a milestone! 200th blog post! A walk down memory lane~ The Highlight reel

It’s our 200th post so we figured we celebrate! It has been two years of us delivering weeby content and Otakuculture!

We want to give out a special thanks to our friends on Twitter from the aniblogger community. As well as our friends who have invited us to be part of the yearly WordPress Anime Awards You’ve inspired and challenged us to write the unpopular opinion allowing us to fully express our love for anime and animation with all our posts.

And although we could have saved this for our end of the year or anniversary post, we are excited to announce hitting 1k views in one month for the first time EVER this year!

So thank you for supporting us ❤️ We have a lot of posts planned and more holiday events coming your way. In the meantime I would like to highlight our most read and favorite posts.

Most Read

Star’s Weeb vs. Weeboo: The Untold Definition

Luna’s Thoughts on Weathering with You

Our Favorite Post

KyoAni, we’ll miss you

Most Creative Title

Started from the bottom now we’re YUGI F***ING MOTTO

Favorite Quotes

“Normies might think it’s weird and some of us might not openly admit that they too are nerds of some kind.”-Nerdy communities & where to find them

“She says, dead inside as she listens to hours worth of anime endings over and over” – Otaku Thursday: Top 5 Endings of Summer 2019…as told in one sentence each

Proudest Moments

Being Guests on the podcast Rise of Geeks

Best Adventures

Sakuracon 2019

Meeting a Rock God, Miyavi

All of Our Nominations & Challenge Posts

We’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

Give it a Light Novel Title challenge



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