We were guests on the Rise of the Geeks podcast!

It was such an honor! The message of Rise of the Geeks is the simple meaning of  nerdy/geeky communities coming together and supporting each other. Which made talking very easy for us.

Although we were a little nervous, being that is was our first podcast and all, we also practiced answering questions about our origin and browsing through our blogs to refresh our inspirations and that only kinda helped us a very VERY little bit.

We were approached on instagram from their home in New York, and were screened one-on-one before the podcast through instagram which was pretty unique. Then we planned the podcast keeping our 3 hour difference in mind.

Feeling so connected to nerds that were so far away made us feel like we should be connecting more often. It honestly helped us understand that we could be doing so much more with the platforms that we have. It was an inspiring, fun and wholesome experience. We definitely feel like we made some friends in New York. There will be more collaborations in the future for sure.

So definitely go and check it out!

We sing karaoke, we mention our origin story, we explain how we work together, and we reveal our Top 5 anime best boys of all time with one honorable video game mention.

Stay weeby ya’ll!

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