An Intro course to Anime- Kid Edition

Hey everyone! I, Star, have decided to write a blog for all the parents who don’t have a CLUE what anime is. All you know, is its animation with big eyes, round faces, sparkles, with crazy weapons, weird creatures mostly in Japanese. I’m here to clean up the confusion and point parents in the right … More An Intro course to Anime- Kid Edition

Top 5 Anime Endings of Summer 2022

Hello and welcome to Otaku Thursday! Recently, I brought to you our top five openings of the Summer 2022 anime season and now it is time to look past the content of the episode to the endings! Today I’m going to be counting down our top five anime endings. Without too much chatter, let’s count … More Top 5 Anime Endings of Summer 2022

The Anime Curriculum- College Edition

It’s that time of the year again, where school is about to begin. The start of many new journies and discoveries in the vastness of familiar and new towns and cities. This year’s anime curriculum is about deep dives into the topics that were introduced as children. Muturity brings a whole new perspective on philosophy, … More The Anime Curriculum- College Edition


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