Best Moms in Anime edition 2

Hey! It’s time for another edition of moms in Anime! There really are some stellar moms out there that deserve a shout out. This time we have a good mix of old and new.

The ballet mom from Dance dance danseur

This mom is so fierce! She’s stern but passionate she wants her students to succeed and knows exactly what direction to push them in. But when it comes to her own daughter she is strong and supportive. She values her daughter’s grace and beauty in dancing.

Asuna from Sword Art

Before you fight me, technically she and Kirito had a daughter in-game. But what I really want to point out is how she held down the fort of mistresses. Also any reason for me to boast about this queen and I’ll jump to it.

Atsuko Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho

So she wasn’t very motherly, in fact she was pretty irresponsible and Yusuke had to clean up after her a lot but she did love her son because of it. I can’t be that mad at her. Plus he turned out alright haha.

Full Metal Alchemist

She is definitely one of the most famous anime moms of all time. Mainly because her sons, sacrifice so much of themselves to bring her back. Out of the others listed she left the longest standing impression in the anime world.

Mary from Saihate no Paladin

So I was a little torn because she is one of three parents of William G Maryblood. But honestly, she a lot of things for her son. A teacher, a mentor, a sister, a mother, a best friend and an all around guardian. I mean, she spontaneously combusted everyday so that William could have bread.

Alright, keeping it short and sweet! Let’s appreciate these moms and all the other mothers out there that are really doing the most out there for the kiddos.

Happy mother’s day!




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