Doki Doki Days 4 – Some Duos in Anime

Welcome to another day of Doki Doki Days! Setting the rules, these groups of two have no romantic feelings involved and can’t be siblings. These duos work well together and don’t always get along haha.

Itadori and Todo

From Jujutsu Kaisen

I honestly love them. Their relationship is like a “big” and a “little” like mentors except more childlike.

Guy Sensei and Kakashi

From Naruto Series

These two remind me of actual brothers, competitive yet caring.

Vegetta and Goku

From Dragon ball series

The story of enemies turned friends, frienemies if you will. Any other day they are arch-rivals but at the end of the day they come together to defeat the big bad. They complete each other in a sense.

Zoro and Sanji

From One Piece

It’s just one headstrong idiot and one love-struck idiot, the complete comedic duo.

Soul and Death the Kid

From Soul Eater

Totally different classes but true rivals at heart.

Hange and Levi

From Attack on Titan

One is the handle and the other is the blade.

Usagi and Luna

From Sailor Moon

The brains to the body, that’s Luna and Usagi haha.

Lina and Naga

From The Slayers

The gif explains everything. Sorceresses more than coworkers less than sisters. Best friends by default because they are the only ones on their level.

Ninny and Noel

From Burn the Witch

One for the money, Two for the fame! They are partners like cops.

Anywho, see you tomorrow!




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