Hot Seat TIME! It’s Luna’s Bday post!

Sup y’all another year another set of anime related questions to our girl Luna! This year have her real thinkers as I mixed live action with animation. Anyways, I think she enjoyed the questions, she couldn’t stop fantasizing about Jeremy Wade as a protagonist to a fishing anime.

What movie/movie franchise/TV show, would you like to see as an anime?

River Monsters. With Jeremy Wade. I know that sounds really dumb but think of how hilarious that would be. An entire anime about fishing–plus Jeremy Wade is like so serious about it that we’d see some epic fishing battles. It’d make a great shounen comedy drama. Imagine how cool yet ridiculous that’d be–it’d be like fishing in Final Fantasy XV. All of a sudden you’re incredibly invested in it. Plus it’s like, it’d be an anthology show but the underlying plot would be that he was like trying to catch that one fish that hurt him, and you think there is no plot but then you realize that the plot is him training to capture that fish.

Okay but in all seriousness, The Outsiders would be a really good show. At least I hope so. But also most adaptions are inferior in my point of view. However, if it was the exact formula I wanted–then I’d be okay. Like, show me some of the Sodapop side plot. Show me more Darry. Give me a lot of the boys and their daily life before we get into the real plot. I’d want a lot more than the original story. But at that point, it’s just fanfiction.

What anime would you like to see as a live-action?

Banana Fish. Except I want it to be cast ethnically correctly. And actually filmed in New York. That would be absolutely epic, heartbreaking, and beautiful. I think it’d be really popular and it’d just be another one of my classic go-to films/tv shows. I do think that a TV show would give it more time just like in the anime, but a series of movies would be sweet too. No…the more I say it a live-action TV show is the way to go.

If you could choose any anime to be rebooted, what would it be?

Chrono Crusade would be great–not that the original wasn’t good. I just would want to see it rebooted with less ecchi and more of those sad moments. In fact, I’d love it if it adapted the whole manga instead of just a selection. The actual ending would be even more heartbreaking than the anime only. I would love it so much. It’d be so good.

What is your dream cosplay?

My dream cosplay is from a manga. I would never actually do her because nobody would know who she was–the coloring of her hair and eyes change constantly in art and splash pages, and at the end of the day I’d need to have way more confidence in my looks, but I’d be Cesia from Dragon Knights. But not just any Cesia costume–it’d be one of the ones she wears at the end of the manga. I think she dons it in volume 22 and wears it through the last battle in 26.

Here are different shots of her outfit

<< It doesn’t look hard but I’d want to bouge it up and also idk how it’d stay on super well.

Plus the wind staff would be a hard prop to make.

If you could voice act any character or character trope (villianess, big sister, animal companion, etc.) what would it be and why?

I would never want to voice an actual character that already has a voice. But in terms of character trope–I’d want to voice a devious antihero. Someone who is mischievous–who you’re not sure of to trust. Someone who is playful and a lil evil but well-meaning at the end of the day.

Let’s all wish Luna a happy bday with another year filled of anime content.




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