Housekeeping and what we’ve been up to~

Hey! For those of you who are wondering, “It’s been a minute since we saw a post” or asking “where’s the content?!” I, Star, am here to explain!

So we’ve been real busy as of late!

First, we attended the second performance of Keshi! It was the second time he’s been in Portland and after his last minute appearance at 88rising’s Head in the Clouds music festival. So he was so ready to take on a bigger arena and we were so ready to hear him once again. Doing back to back tours is no joke which he called a, “victory lap” showcasing a new song he just created. It was such a special event. We also ran into a friend and gave another friend a late bday gift by getting them VIP (the second time for them but they wanted it so hey).

Early April, was Sakuracon and wow was that wild. We were both staffing and this year Sakuracon saw crazy attendance numbers! Since the world has opened up more since quarantine and vaccine/masking mandates have been lightened, we saw a LARGE amount of weebs coming out of the woodworks. Sakuracon also managed to book the legendary, one of my favorite bands, Flow which caused a lot of Otaku to fly in just for the performance.

We also cosplayed which actually didn’t stress us out as much as it normally does since we often work on commissions and help friends with their cosplays. This year we were able to showcase cosplays we were proud of on our own bodies! (It sounds wild when I put it this way but it’s so true. You work harder for other people, especially when you’re getting paid.)

We had a few days of rest before Luna was sequested for a pet sitting gig. Then it was Luna’s bday! We indulged her in her addictions with nail art and crane games by surprising her with a rolling case with detachable wheels for the accessories. (It’s customizable so she can stack it higher with more sections if she so chooses.) As for the plushies… Some were won as gifts and some she won herself.

Then we traveled to San Francisco for a Wang brother experience! By that I mean, we were there for less than 48 hours but we saw two of our favorite people, last name Wang, not related but considered brothers. When we landed we saw the premiere of the movie, Born to Fly starring Yibo Wang and in the evening we attended Jackson Wang’s Magicman concert. I had a lot of feelings. (I felt compelled to write a DM to the man after.) Before leaving San Francisco we had to eat Hot Pot, it felt right to end it, Street dance of China’s “Let’s chat” style with some Hot pot and good conversation or more like a debrief on the trip as a whole. We wanted to stay much longer haha. For next time I guess.

Then Luna was sequested for yet another pet sitting gig and my laptop ports stopped charging. So I’ve been drawing in order to prep for our comic’s preview release while I wait for my laptop to be repaired! (I’m currently writing this blog post on my phone.) When I do get my grubby hands on a computer I’ve been getting our podcast content up. Anchor has officially become the official platform for Podcasters on Spotify so you can listen and watch our content there! We don’t have much but be expecting many more episodes of 2021’s Anime Talk club for Kumoricon’s Twitch. As we record more episodes of our current Teatime season, where we talk about more than just anime.

Luckily this is our lax season (writing wise) since we don’t have any special holidays or events on the blog till Niji Nights in July! Anyways, we apologize for the past few weeks and hope to get back to writing soon!




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