Weebsmas Day 7: Can we Stop Making Scarves Romantic?!

Gifts. It’s a thing that happens when it comes to the December yuletide holidays. If you were participating in Weebsmas or other related holidays, you’re likely to be struggling to or attempting to actually get gifts for people. Where in the past we have highlighted things you can get people, we’ve also talked about gifts in anime and manga. Star in particular has a lengthy rant about hairpins. So today, today I’m coming at you hot to talk about another accessory that has weirdly become a shoujo anime troupe even though it should be a perfectly fine item to gift to just about anyone and that is: scarves.

Tsuki Ga Kirei

Now. Star didn’t even know about the scarf and anime thing. HOWEVER, I know personally from reading copious amounts of shoujo manga that scarves are a pretty common Christmas gift. Mainly from a girl to a guy, though I’ve seen the reverse true too. Either way, there are many reasons why scarves make a good romantic gift. First off, it’s cold during December and it shows that you care about them. But also, it’s significant to be able to share the warmth of a scarf, or even better, end up with couple scarves as a way of couple clothes. Now, being naturally curious and wanting to find a reason why scarves are seen as a romantic gift, I looked up popular beliefs or meanings behind gifting the clothing item. So, some sources say that gifting a scarf, particularly to a romantic partner can mean that you feel a really deep connection with them. It’s seen as a very affectionate gift.


I personally like to believe that it’s seen as an affectionate gift because it’s meant to keep your partner warm in the cold–to be wrapped around them like the arms of a lover. It’s as if saying you want to hold them close. But of course at the same time that that’s what I’d like to believe for why they are seen as a romantic gift…I’m pissed they are. Mainly because scarves are a good gift for anyone! For family, friends, coworkers! They are easy and thoughtful. So why do they need to mean deep affection? Why did shoujo manga have to popularize giving scarfs as a gift? It’s really annoying in my opinion. Before when I have a guy a scarf, it was a gift. Now? Other weebs are like oooh so you like them now. NO. No absolutely not. I am so sick of my easy to buy friend gift be misconstrued as a romantic offering. It’s ridiculous. So, this is really just a PSA for your holiday season: give your mom a scarf! Give your friend a scarf. Let’s stop listening to shoujo manga/anime and stop thinking of it as a ‘romantic’ gift to a bf/gf. There are so many more romantic things.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my Weebsmas themed rant. You likely learned nothing new from it. But I personally am just in need of an outlet because I want people to stop saying ‘so romantic’ every single time I try to gift a scarf. IT LITERALLY IS JUST A GOOD GIFT FOR WINTER. Anyway, tomorrow Star will come at you with some more weeby content that is less aggressive, more on theme, and really good for day 8 of 12 days of Weebsmas.

Stay weebtastic,



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