Weebsmas Day 1: Introduction to Weebsmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaaaar~ SO much content is coming your way as we bring oldies but goodies back like a new carol and a wish list while venting about tropes we haven’t talked about BEFORE. It’s going to be a very merry Weebsmas.

Tuesday, December 13th- Intro to Weebsmas

Wednesday, December 14th- Weebsmas Wishlist

Thursday, December 15th- Mystic Mess Holiday DLC

Friday, December 16th- Holiday Themed Christmas Art

Saturday, December 17th- Wintertime Anime Conventions

Sunday, December 18th- Origins of the Virgin Killing Sweater

Monday, December 19th- Can we stop making Scarves Romantic?!

Tuesday, December 20th- A kpop/jpop Holiday playlist

Wednesday, December 21st- Anime for Humanity

Thursday, December 22nd- Top 5 Anime Openings of Fall 2022

Friday, December 23rd- Weebsmas Bingo Card

Saturday, December 24th- Weeby Christmas Carol – Weebsmas Belles

See you soon!

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