Weebsmas Day 10: Top 5 Anime Openings of Fall 2022

On the 10th day of Weebsmas, my best girl gave to me, our top 5 anime openings.

Happy Weebsmas version of Otaku Thursday! Despite one power outage and last-minute panic on the post, here I am, ready to deliver to you all the top 5 anime openings of Fall 2022. Now, I will preface this by saying that this was not the post I was intending to write. I had been hoping to actually be able to write our top five anime of the entire season…but I miscounted and realized that there is still one more week to go for most anime before they finish, so it just wouldn’t be fair. But we do know the best openings so without further ado, let’s count them down this holiday season.

More than a Married Couple, But not Lovers

5 )”TRUE FOOL LOVE” by Liyuu, More than a Married Couple, But not Lovers

The song is very cute and upbeat, and I personally love the overall style of this opening. The pastel block colors if very artistic and bubbly and really stands out.

Keep it Cool Guys

4 ) “SEISHUN KIPPU” by mafumafu, Keep it Cool Guys

I swear. This opening is SO good. Yes, the song is again, very good. But the best part of this opening is that I feel like I see a new fuck up every time I watch it. Like, one of the boys doing something embarrassing–which is the whole point. But the things are so subtle I always miss some. Anyway, it’s always an experience watching this.

Akiba Maid War

3 ) “Maid Daikaiten” by Tontokoton Staff, Akiba Maid War

This opening is crack energy but it gives off the exact impression of what the show will be like. It moves between being incredibly intense and extremely cute, showing action shots and blood but then followed by rainbow, sparkles, and the maids dancing and being cute. I get this song stuck in my head a lot.

Witch of Mercury

2 ) “Shukufuku” by Yoasabi, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

This might be unfair to say…but I mean…it’s a Yoasabi song. Just like I’m a ho ho ho for Survive Said the Prophet! We both love Yoasabi’s songs and openings. But also though, it does really fit the anime and I personally think that the opening is the best part of the entire show (well, and that MC is engaged to a girl).

Chainsaw Man

1 ) “KICK BACK” by Kenshi Yonezu, Chainsaw Man

And coming in at number one is both surprisingly and unsurprisingly Chainsaw Man. Now, we knew this show would get the hype but we didn’t know anything about it. However, we have been thoroughly enjoying it. The opening in itself is a masterpiece. You can really tell that the beloved story got a large budget and great care went into song choice and animation. I think it does a great job visually and all the shots in it are cohesive and just really crisp and cool.

So there you have it. Those are our top five anime openings of Fall 2022! There were a LOT of good songs this season. I actually really dread having to do the top five anime endings of fall because so many had no business going as hard as they did. I also am dreading picking a top anime of fall, and then getting into our anime awards in January. But for now, here are our opening choices. Let me know if you agree, disagree, or have different favorites!

Stay weebtastic!




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