Weebsmas Day 6: Demystifying the Origins of the Virgin Killing Sweater

On the 6th day of Weebsmas, we decided to do a culture-specific blog to talk about the, Doutei wo Korosu Sētā or you know, That Sweater (Rei no Sētā) Um. Ugh okay… The Virgin Killing Sweater. For those of you that are unaware of this internet phenomenon, the sweater is barely a sweater at all. From one angle, it can give off the impression that it is a harmless, sleeveless, turtle-neck sweater. But be hiding the fact that this sweater has a very deep sweeping open back and this person may not be wearing undergarments beneath. Although some are more obvious than others the various different kinds of sweaters has truly blown this trend out of the water, especially in the holiday season.

The Definition

(noun) A halter-top or turtle-necked sweater that is backless and possibly side-less. Currently (as of Jan. 2017) popular in Japan.

Name comes from a tweet featuring an image of the sweater.

Man, she looked hot in that virgin killing sweater with her epic side-boob!

Submitted to Urbandictionary.com by Maschinenmensch January 31, 2017

The Design

The biggest debate of the Virgin Killing Sweater is about how it “kills virgins”. Knowing anime culture, the sexual joke here is that when this outfit is worn in the presence of a virgin they won’t be a virgin much longer. In a weird way, this became a popular sweater-themed lingerie. To be worn in the comfort of one’s partner, and with the opportunity to see a little of a lot of something you shouldn’t. (side boob or a little to a lot of an ass crack). The sweater is, well, interesting to say the least. Being it’s popularity is around the colder season the sweater is in fact an object of desire and people are definitely profiting from it. Not to mention, it has no gender requirements so men and women can wear the sweater. Below I’ve left an example of ex-cosplayer, ModeratelyOkayCosplay as Ignis is wearing the sweater with the knit in the front while current cosplayer LeonChiro as Gladio is wearing it with the open back as the front. Both of them in matching sweaters.

The History

According to the site knowyourmeme.com, in Japan there were rumblings about the sweater’s existence in 2016. It was originally called, “Sukebe Knit” or “Erotic Knit”. First on Twitter then was manufactured on a few sites in Asia (biggest sellers being in Japan and China). It’s popularity was boosted when popular sister celebrities Kyoko and Mika Kano posted a photo of one of the sisters in That Sweater.

And there you have it! I hope you found this post informational to say the least. (Given it is definitely one of those things where, if you missed the phenomenon you were confused on how it happened to be or completely forgot about it till now.)

See you in the next Weebsmas post!



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