Wtf is with the Gojo cat meme?–Demystifying yet another weeby mystery

Heyo everyone! Something has come to our attention here at YCK that we figure we should probably address. Especially since it’s hit our twitter feed so randomly and now it’s everywhere. As if someone unleashed a thousand white cats all wearing black sunglasses and let them reenact scenes of Gojo doing random things. Because we were so curious, I, Star, decided to look into it and figure it out for us. So let’s get to it!

gojo with his hair down and no blindfold
gojo satoru

I’ll start with an explanation of who Gojo is. So Gojo is a sorcerer in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. He’s also a teacher who recruits spiritually gifted people to join a sorcerer academy where he trains them to fight and exorcist these demon like monsters called Curses. Gojo’s power is pretty OP (in my opinion). He has the ability to manipulate time and space and absorb curse energy for his own usage on top of being really fast and really strong he’s the most powerful sorcerer in the Jujutsu Universe. But he’s got a playful yet calm personality with a problem with authority and a cockiness with his abilities. Oh and he’s got crazy bright blue eyes that he hides under a blindfold or some stylish black sunglasses. So honestly, he’s like any white haired kpop idol with a calm yet cocky demeanor. He’s a badass that knows he’s attractive. Cue the shrimp army! People fangirl over him like they do for Kakashi from Naruto.

Now imagine all that energy and attitude in the body of a tiny white cat.

The OG gojo cat from twitter.
Gojo cat as Gojo

“Why a cat?” you may ask, honestly it was one person on Twitter who was bored enough to dress their grey and white cat like Gojo back in March 2021. A cosplay for pets, if you will. Then the meme lords got involved and started creating meme after meme of this cat wearing the stylish glasses but actually in the scenes from the show where Gojo would be.

pink Gojo Cat

Gojo jumping in pink bg

AS ridiculous as it is, I’m not entirely surprised this happened. It’s the easiest design to recreate and opportunists are monopolizing on the jokes with merch. Has the joke gone too far? Is it getting out of control? Maybe. We got bags, stickers, plushies, keychains, costumes. SO you tell me if it’s gone too far yet. I’ve added some of the merch I found just by googling and frankly, it’s not that bad haha!

Gojo bag on aliexpress
Gojo cat sticker on etsy
Gojo pet costume on etsy

There you have it folks. The origin of the Gojo Cat Meme. Let me know if there’s another mystery you’d like me to research! It was entertaining to say the least haha.




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