The buttons mean something! Demystifying a Japanese graduation tradition

This is yet another confession trope but funnily enough there is a meaning to every button on a boys uniform. Let me rewind a little for those who have no idea what I’m talking about. So it’s a graduation tradition for boys to give their second button away to the one they love, consider it a confession. But wait there’s more!

Apparently the tradition came from a movie that came out in 1960 called “Konpeki no sora tooku” which in short is about a kid who gets drafted into WWII and when he believes he’s never going to return he gives the girl he loves his second button on his gakuran (which is a traditional style jacket worn by boys in school nowadays). Incredible romantic gesture and that stuck all these years later. This blog is particularly good at explaining the phenomenon.

The first button

Is for ones’self. Simple, it’s the one they don’t give away.

The second button

The confession button I mentioned is like giving a piece of their heart to someone else.

The third button

This one belongs to their bestest of friends.

I can only imagine how symbolic looking back at a gakuran and seeing a second button missing would be as romantic as it is meloncholy. Did it work out? Does they still have the button? Now, even though this manga a straight romance the tradition can exist for same sex exchanges as well.

Alright, that concludes the mystery, never underestimate the meaning of a button on a gakuran!




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