A Spotlight on Sex-positive anime

It’s another installment of Niji Nights! And this time I, Star, want to start by saying I will not be talking about Domestic Girlfriend haha and onward to the rest of the post!

Sex has always been zero to a hundred when it comes to anime. It was (and still kind of is) incredibly rare to find an anime that shows sexual situations that aren’t considered to be pornographic or way too vauge. In terms of American TV and movies, sex has always been part of the formula and we even joke of it in a lot of our animated series. So Japan making this leap into discussions and visual representation of causal sexual experiences is a big step in terms of those moments being less of a taboo in their sometimes, timid and passive culture.

Kuzu no Honkai

Alright I feel like I bring this anime up A LOT. But it’s because for connoisseurs like myself and Luna we think that this anime is revolutionary. It not only shows a curiosity in sexual urges and experimentation but it also brings in to question more on the psychlogical effects of what an intimate sexual moment could mean for different people. I won’t lie to you. This anime may make you feel uncomfortable, because as you are watching it you’ll realize just how real their feelings are and how hurtful the outcomes is the longer you watch. But in a way, this anime surfaces deeper intentions that real people have and give the viewers a sense that they are not alone in these feelings.

Ishuzoku Reviewers

I love this anime and here’s why. Although it is considered hentai, to me it is more like Japan’s attempt at sexual humor. But what makes it worth watching is how it showcases pleasure. It’s sex positive in the way where all sexual activity with, kinks, races, toys, and gender is showcased without seeming like it was forbidden. Infact this anime embraced the fun, enjoyable side of sex while also praising the their sexual partners. Now with that being said, sometimes the characters would have vastly different experiences with the same kind of partner. Which I think breaks society norms of what sex with “insert kink, race, toy, gender here”.


Going into this anime, most viewers are not ready for what they are about to see. The genre itself changes throughout the plot as it gets darker and deeper into the terrible underbelly of this society. Which in a way can be looked at as a sexual desire being a primitive calling for some people. The most surprising is the coupling and the question, how does size translate in a sexual experience. Fears of harming a sexual partner or voicing how someone would like to be treated are real underlining problems that some couples face. This anime forces the conversation to be had on screen. I truly hope that this anime inspired some conversation to happen within couples to help grow the healthiest relationships.

Anyways stay safe out there, conversations are key to healthy relationships.




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