First impressions: Tokyo Mew Mew (the reboot)

You know, I, Star was just thinking about anime nowadays tend to reflect the characters a little more in terms of action, behavior, and development. In the 90s and early 2000s these pre-teens were making adult decisions. Anyways, Tokyo Mew Mew is nearly the same as it was back then and to be honest I preferred my magical girls to get a little more beat. Then Madoka happened, and I resent my statement.

So for those of you that are new to Tokyo Mew Mew this was a manga that came out in the early 2000s as the next Sailor Moon. But it’s not about planets or space, it’s about animals. And I’m not sure why, but their names are all food. (Strawberry, Lettuce, Mint, Pudding and Pomegranate = Ichigo, Rettesu, Minto, Puddingu, and Zakuro). Their magical animal is a floating puffball with eyes and ears and a tail with wings. Whom all work at a cafe as their cover story run by two men who call the shots from their office. There is a love interest who are both obsessed with Ichigo a goodie goodie from school and one of the antagonists.

Art wise, it’s got a cleaner crisper look as they spun the story to be modern and not retro. There’s more use of smart phones and social media. But overall it’s an upgraded edition to the 2000s original.

Music wise, the opening and the ending are equal in cuteness and I enjoy them both pretty equally. The graphics in the opening with the playing card theme is one of my favorite parts. Since I’m a sucker for dance I especially love the chibi dance twist for the ending.

For funzies I’ve linked the old and the new for appreciation. And watching them both back now there are definite call backs to the original themes musically as well as shots in the animation.




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