First Impressions: Shadows House season 2

Hello and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! You know, this season had a surprising amount of second seasons for shows. There were some seconds seasons from new stuff, there was some second seasons from really old stuff. Today, I’mma be talking about the former–a second season from an anime that came out only last year. The show that we’re talking about today is none other than Shadows House.

So, Shadows House 2 picks up pretty much where season 1 left off. However, in Shadows House season 2, we are introduced to more of a mystery. In season 1, there was a lot of just figuring out about the house–what it was, what the point of living dolls were, and more. But it also had a solid end of season goal being the debut of the young shadow masters and their dolls. Season 2…has a less straightforward end of season goal? I mean, it introduces us to a mystery and gives Kate a reason to solve said mystery, but at the same time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that solving said mystery will be the end of the season. After all, we’re yes–introduced to a robed person who seems to maybe be causing more soot monsters to show up? But also soot sickness is back tenfold. But I guess that also can point back to the robed dude — “Master Robe”. I feel like with this mystery, I’m less entranced than season one. Maybe because I feel like at the end of last season, I started to really like the other dolls and their shadows masters, but I feel like they’ve kind of returned to being sidelined. Which makes semse, it is the Kate and Emilico show–but it just feels kinda off to me. I just wish we had more of the other dolls, but instead we just get introduced to even more characters. Not ideal, but y’know, it’s still a good show overall so I’ll more or less forgive it. Plus I more or less like the new characters.

In terms of music and art, it is just as good as the past season of Shadows House. I can’t really tell any change in quality. So good on the studio for upkeeping the animation, but it makes sense–it’s a good show so it can afford to keep it up. As for the music, again still good–not bad, but not particularly noteworthy. The opening is unique. I think the song is really nice, but overall it’s not amazing either. Star commented that the actual action paired with the songs seems a little busy and off. I kinda agree, but I like the song.

Overall, Shadows House season 2 is solid. It’s a good show, but not a great one. However, compared to a lot of other things this season, it’s certainly ‘winning’. Which really just means that I think we have some lackluster shows this season, so it is one of the bright (ha funny to say this when talking about Shadows) spots in the season as a whole. And I will say, it certainly continues to have my attention.

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