Day 3 of Otakutober: Sink your fangs into me queen — Top 5 Vampire Girls of the 2000s

Hey everyone! It’s Star and today on the third day of Otakutober, I’m bringing you back to the early 2000s for my favorite anime and also very cute Vampire babes. Being a vampire lover (in all forms) I found this walk down memory lane pretty amusing. (And you’ll have to forgive me for this very specific blog post.) So let’s get going!


from Chibi Vampire

Karin AMV on Make a GIF
A Screenshot, Karin The Chibi Vampire by EternalSummer14 on DeviantArt

Karin is a Vampire with the opposite problem. She makes too much blood haha. In this shoujo comedy Karin is from a family of vampires and she is just trying to live as a normal high school student. (Although she shares her body with another I find this common among anime.) Anyways, Karin is cute and bubbly for being a blood giving vampire.


from Rosario + Vampire

Roasario+Vampire - Akashiya Moka club Photo (22807469) - Fanpop
HD wallpaper: Anime, Rosario + Vampire, Girl, Moka Akashiya, representation  | Wallpaper Flare

I’m not going to lie, at the time I didn’t watch much of this anime. But I can’t ignore it’s popularity, as it’s one of the most well known ecchi of it’s time. And like I mentioned before, a common theme is that they come in twos. Moka has two sides, an outer, a kind, modest, pink haired side; and a inner, silver haired, cold-hearted, voluptuous side. Apparently the inner side is her true form and both characters became well known in the cosplay world back before the conception of instagram.


from Moon Phase

Tsukuyomi Moon Phase | Anime Amino
Watch Moonphase Sub & Dub | Comedy, Romance Anime | Funimation

At first I found her to be VERY annoying but as the series continued I warmed up to her. She is your A-typical vampire female. Rich, little, and comes from a long lineage of royals. She claims the main character as a slave and personal blood bag but he doesn’t quite listen. She became a sort of staple for vampire girls in anime, thanks to her Lolita style, cute demeanor and dominate attitude. This is also the start to the more darker themed anime in this post and of course I couldn’t leave her out.


from Dance in the Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes (Dance in the Vampire Bund) - | Anime, Ruby rose  anime, Best vampire anime
Sarcasm+Reviews: Dance of the Vampire Bund | Anime Amino

A very fitting name for a vampire if you know your Bram Stoker. She is also tiny, high-class, is in a position of power in her vampire community and kind of has a slave/blood-bag too. Most importantly she is like most vampires in legend because of her age. Young looking but ancient in years. Her style is opposite to our queen above being that her clothes is more revealing even though she is technically in a younger body. I guess centuries of years you get bored with same old Lolita dress. For being as little as she is she definitely has some BDE.


from Blood+

Saya--x--Diva | DeviantArt
I like to have Saya's Sword from Blood+ | Anime Amino

This is the baddest bitch in this category. Being that this is a Seinen it is also has it’s heart wrenching moments. Her vampire lifestyle is also trying to be disgusied as a high school student but she is royalty. In this story, the folklore is that the royalty turn into these huge bat like creatures and the lesser vampires worship them. But unlike to the other stories our girl here, has an actual servant and her other half doesn’t share the same body. BECAUSE she’s a TWIN. And her blood gives her sword ungodly strength. So what more can you ask?

And that concludes my ramblings! Hope you enjoyed my throwbacks and maybe you might find yourself watching these sometime. They are cute and most of them have an ending. I would also recommend the manga for those that don’t end in the anime. Anyways see later for the next installment of 13 Days of Otakutober! If you’ve missed our last posts click here to see our line up!




3 thoughts on “Day 3 of Otakutober: Sink your fangs into me queen — Top 5 Vampire Girls of the 2000s

  1. I know that this is like, 2 years late, but seeing this blog really got the memories running. I decided to read this (although I, personally, am into guys) because there is this one 2000s vampire anime I wanted to find that I had watched years ago (although in the early 2010s), but I forgot its title. So I figured one of the characters might be on the list. That anime was Rosario + Vampire, so thanks for (technically) helping find it! Although, it probably wasn’t a very suitable anime for me to be watching in 1st grade 0-0. Sorry this was long, I just found it amusing.


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