Crossplay vs. Genderbent

Hey there I’m here to explain some cosplaying terms! These terms are commonly confused but it’s very important that anyone coming into the world understands the difference. I would also like to point out that gender and sex is fluid when it comes to the  cosplayer, so be sure not to misgender anyone by keeping the art seperate from the sex and gender.


My understanding of crossplay is more about how accurate you can make your cosplay. Have that be whatever gender it’s honestly about the cosplay itself. But to put it bluntly, a man with a beard cosplaying a Disney princess is an example of a crossplay.

Known as the action of cosplaying (wearing costumes) characters from the opposite sex; it applies to both genders. NOT related in any way with sexual preferences of the people who practices it, in most of the cases. –Bunnyfriend

I appreciate the author pointing out that it is not related to sexual preference and is inclusive via gender. But to be clear, the term is generally used for people who identify as one sex or gender and is cosplaying the opposite sex or gender.  Honestly though, just stick to non-binary pronouns because cosplay is about the art.


Genderbent cosplay is about making a cosplay that is the opposite gender or sex of the character. I like to say it’s like creating a more masculine or feminine version of the character. (This usually includes changing a hairstyle.)

When a character’s gender is changed. Usually in fanfictions or fanart. -itsbatmansir

I both agree and disagree with this statement. Yes, it’s when a character’s gender is changed but not just by fanart or fanfiction. Artists use this term outside of cosplay which makes this term versitile. With that being said, there might be popular fanart of a character genderbent that cosplayers like to cosplay.

When a character gets turned into the opposite gender through a variety of ways.

The most common way is through a gender bender -ThatGuyWhoMakesMemes

So we’re going to go ahead and ignore that last incomplete sentence. There isn’t a process or system that makes a genderbend. It’s based around the image that the cosplayer/artist may have, there isn’t a correct or incorrect version of a genderbend.

And there you have it! The difference between Crossplay and Genderbent! I hope this helps clear up any confusion about what is correct terminology.




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