Best Moms in Anime


Welcome back to Otaku Thursday! I’m still on break from anime reviews, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any anime and otaku-related posts for you all. So today? Today we’re going to talk about my favorite and most respectable anime moms (or at least five of them). So here we go. Here are some of my favorite mother figures in anime.

Hana – Wolf Children

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The mother from Wolf Children, is undoubtedly one of the best mom’s I’ve ever seen in anime. Having lost her husband, she has to raise her two wolf children all on her own. The story shows the struggles and triumphs of parenthood, and how she takes all life’s challenges in stride. She clearly loves her kids more than anything in the world and wants more than anything for them to be happy. She truly is the MVP mother on this list.

Inko Midoriya- My Hero Academia

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Inko Midoriya is…a cry baby. Just like her son. But she wants to give Izuku the moon and anything he desires. And for a long time it clearly saddens her she can’t give him a quirk. Then when he does get one…she can’t help but worry for her only son. Inko has always put Izuku first—cared for his happiness, cared for his health. She is trying her best every day to protect him and I honestly give her kudos. She is one strong mom.

Kyoko Honda – Fruits Basket

Image result for kyoko hondaThe only mother on this list that is actually dead. Kyoko is seen only in flashbacks through Tohru or other people’s memories. But she is so essential to the story, that her memory reverberates through all those she knew. Despite being a fairly famous delinquent growing up, Kyoko grew into a loving and doting mother who raised Tohru wonderfully. She taught her to be a beautiful person inside and out. She taught her to be fair, to be kind, to believe in people, and care for them. Kyoko is the reason Tohru was who she is when we meet her in Fruits Basket because she and Tohru were each other’s worlds. I’m so genuinely sad that Kyoko didn’t get to see Tohru totally grow up, but I’m glad she got all the time she did with her daughter. Kyoko had a hard life, a really hard life, but she gave all her love away. And it’s because of that she raised a beautiful soul, because she had one too.

Sachiko Fujinuma – Erased

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Okay so Sachiko likes to drink when she first gets introduced. And she likes to drink…a lot. But she has had a hard life and tries her best, and more importantly, she so obviously cares deeply for Satoru and his friends. When Satoru goes back in time we also see just how caring Sachiko truly is. Not only does she care for Satoru’s well being, she also truly cares about his friends. So much so that she gladly welcomes Kayo into their household when needed and also pretty much endorsed Satoru into doing whatever he needed to when he was helping “save” Kayo. Down to making him extra lunch boxes, even if she didn’t totally know what was going on. Then in the future when Satoru is in a coma, she never gives upon him and continues to care for him every day. She is a true MVP

Yuuko Kamiya – Digimon

Related imageYuuko tries her best. She really does. Admittedly, she doesn’t get a lot of screen time. In fact, she practically gets no screen time compared to all the other mother’s on this list, but she, like all the mothers on the list, really loves her children. However, she is also notorious for making her children (and their friends) totally strange and disgusting recipes that end up very unfortunate for them. Still, Yuuko really tries her best. Plus she welcomes both Agumon and Gatomon into her family as if they were her children as well. And she trusts them to take care of her kids, and vice versa. She knows they need to help save the world, and she believes in them despite her love.

Shuko Suzuhara- Angelic Layer

Image result for shuko suzuharaHey it’s Star and I totally intruded in this post 😁 But I just have to talk about this stellar mom right here.

Although she completely abandoned her child to be raised by her sister in the city, she still worked really hard for Misaki to have a normal life. And the heartfelt reunion that dazzled us all as they battled each other in the finale of the series was the cutest most intensive understory that resulted in the creation of a very talented family honestly warms my heart. Not to mention how much of a helicopter mom she was for stalking Misaki EVERYWHERE.


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