The Trans community and Cosplay

Since we are staffers and cosplayers of two cons in the northwest, we’ve seen more and more of the trans community cosplaying! As we end the week of trans-awareness, I would just like to say, that I’m proud to see the community we’ve created.

It makes me so happy to see the younger cosplayers find a supportive group to express themselves in, not just in a weeby way, but being treated respectfully and equally. I’ve also seen a rise in con parents (more experienced con goers that take less experienced con goers under their wing) which also warms my heart to see. It shows that the older connies are embracing and properly warning the younger connies of the dangers that come with the culture of cosplay, strangers and conventions.

But truthfully speaking, in terms of cosplay, crossplaying and genderbending, non-binary terms are the best to use. Especially since AU cosplays and more creatively remixed cosplays have become widely accepted and appreciated. It is a non-conforming gender solution to the convention culture that allows anyone to be anything.

Although there is still a lot of work that needs to be addressed it is still important to acknowledge the leaps and bounds we have made thus far. More conventions are utilizing space on the badge to display preferred pronouns and there has been more panels about LGBTQIA+ at conventions.

So hats off to us, 2019 let us continue to do the good work and just accept people for who they are. Respect their wishes and just have a good ole time on the convention floor.




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