Part 3- American References in Anime- GANG LIFE

This blog is following our theme of American influences in anime! Because apparently I have some words to say.


We meet again, Gangsta. So getting right to the point, other than it’s obvious name, Gangsta from the start introduces it’s world as a mafia run economy. It’s raw, gritty and strangely familiar. The comic element of powers and special abilities is the supernatural element that the story rides on. Similar to Batman which also has an undertone of gang violence and mental health issues. It’s apparent in the protagonists of Gangsta, being that they went through some pretty traumatic experiences due to gang and mafia violence from their childhood.

91 Days

Speaking of violence in your childhood, 91 days begin with a gruesome murder of a family, and a single survivor. I think this kid, was doomed to seek vengeance. Also, his rival that was the sun of the gang leader having to kill his whole family to prove he is worthy of the title he will one day take on. Which is very reminiscent to the movie Godfather and the TV series Sopranos. Being nothing series is based on a gang family and how loyalty and honor is used. there is also the TV series Peaky Blinders which is based in the same time frame as 91 days.

I’d also like to remind you that all of the series that were mentioned in this blog use guns heavily, as their weapon of choice. And that’s it for now folks (Because honestly I can go forever about the amazement of both of these animes and I just don’t have the time for that in this blog. if you’re interested, I did write a very passionate post on Gangsta and you can find it here.)



Catch Part 4 here!


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