Introducing 13 Days of Otakutober 2020

Ghosts and ghouls gather round for our annual spooktacularly weebtastic celebration known as 13 Days of Otakutober! Every day for the rest of the month leading up to Halloweeb we’ll be coming to you with the best scary, demonic, gothic, and horror otaku-related content!

So come on in and join us for some fangtastic Halloweeb posts covering things from games, to demons, to witches and wizards, to horrifying deaths, and far far more. We’re looking forward to it so we hope you are too! And if you’re joining in with some Halloween content, don’t forget to tag it #13DaysofOtakutober or #Halloweeb! Stay tuned for the 13 Days of Otakutober~!

Day 2: Spooktacular Horror Games

Day 3: Sink your fangs into me queen– Top 5 Vampire girls

Day 4: Hot as Hell! : Favorite Demon Characters

Day 5: Nihongo Legends- Shinigami

Day 6: Trigger Town- Most Horrific Deaths

Day 7: Bring me Darkness–Gothic Anime

Day 8: What are Ghouls? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me. No more.

Day 9: Witches and Wizards of Weeberly Place

Day 10: It’s a Monster Mash!: Shoujo “Monster” tropes

Day 11: I’ve got a date with a Vampire! – Horror Otome Games

Day 12: It’s getting haunted in here – Haunted Houses and Tests of Courage

Day 13: Trick-or-Treat! What is Candy Pop Anime?

P.S. how are ya’ll celebrating Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments!

Stay weebtastic!


Star & Luna


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