Beastmen will be Beastmen- BNA Review

Kinda late to the game but it only seemed right that I, Star, write this one because of the first impression that I wrote about Beastars.

BNA: Brand New Animal | Know Your Meme

It was a wild, colorful ride. No surprise coming from Studio Trigger. But the message was cuter and I would even say easily digestible to a pre-teen audience.

Just Michiru being Michiru | BNA: Brand New Animal | Know Your Meme

I found the meaning cute but I wished we saw/learned more about Shiro in full Beast form. In fact, I really liked Shiro as a character. I wished there was more character development from Michiru and a few other minor but important characters that come into the plot. It’s not open ended but there could be another season.

The secret meaning I would say is like having a condition that society is uncomfortable with. And building a place where those people could be themselves without being ridiculed or shunned for they way there were born. And as we learned, it’s not perfect including the characters, In fact every character was flawed in their own way and finding the middle ground made it all worth it. Although it is not as dark as Beastars it had it’s moments. There’s trafficking and prejudices. Clashing cultures and gangs.

BNA - 11-12 - 64 - Lost in Anime

Overall, it was cute but definitely not Studio Trigger’s best work. It’s good eye bleach after a more serious seinen show. See you all next time!




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