Fell for it– Great Pretender

About a Tokyo conman who meets an American conman. This is an incredibly fast-paced anime. It’s unique to it’s kind. It also has a 1970s American action movie feel. I found the language in the DUB to be very funny the big disclaimer that the rest of the anime would be in English. They even … More Fell for it– Great Pretender

2020 Anime Awards: The You Can’t Know Edition

Welcome weebs, otaku, and fans alike, to the 2020 You Can’t Know Anime Awards! On this special Otaku Thursday, we’re going to be bringing you our favorites from a rather unfavorable year! This year has been a tumultuous one in all aspects–from real life events, to anime getting pushed back and delayed, to somewhat lackluster … More 2020 Anime Awards: The You Can’t Know Edition