Fell for it– Great Pretender

Great Pretender by YCK, Y0uC4n7Kn0w
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About a Tokyo conman who meets an American conman. This is an incredibly fast-paced anime. It’s unique to it’s kind. It also has a 1970s American action movie feel. I found the language in the DUB to be very funny the big disclaimer that the rest of the anime would be in English. They even talked about terrible accents which we, anime viewers, can relate to. The first 5 eps is the first case. Maybe because I was enjoying myself, but I didn’t see the confidence men coming.

Great Pretender Archives - Anime Feminist

With a eye-catching, bright, colorful art style. The editing and directing of the anime is is to most impressive by far. I actually loved how they planned the seasons. The first season was a collective of cons and the second season was an in-depth dive of more detailed cons and backstories.

The opening is all silhouettes of the characters through their crazy adventures. Which are sneak peeks in all these moments throughout the show. But the abstract feel is made to bridge the gap between Japanese and American culture. Truly incredible to watch.

The soundtrack is actual artists. I found myself thoroughly enjoying it, like I would an american movie.

The ending is “Great Pretender” by Freddy Mercury. And it follows a cat that is the animal personification of one of the conmen. Possibly representing 9 lives or his tom cat behavior. It also have moments where the back up vocals is actually sung other cats. In a gorgeous, pastel/crayon like coloring texture and it took the whole FIRST AND SECOND SEASON TO UNDERSTAND.




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