First Impressions: Swordgai

SWORDGAI The Animation | Netflix Official Site

This story definitely isn’t where I thought this story was going to go. At first, I thought this was about one sword. But in fact, it’s about many. The first episode is like a Prologue, the main story starts in Episode 2. It caught my attention when a pregnant grieving woman got the demon blood lusting sword and little do we know, the main character is that very baby. Quite the origin story. The second episode has a playful, mischievous, tone but from the blood and gore of the first episode you can’t help but think there is something coming. AND YES SOMETHING WAS COMING. With that being said, the plot is a tad predictable and you can guess the next line in the script some of the time. There is quite an extensive cast of characters with some interesting backgrounds, most of them tragic.

There is a small amount of CG used in the animation to give those shiny demon armor suits a good shimmer. I’m not a fan of CG but this isn’t an overwhelming amount so it’s tolerable.

The opening is a little hard to understand until you get to the end of the second episode and the song is alright. I kept getting Deathnote vibes with the opening even though it’s not screamo, it must be the guitar riffs. While the ending is a complete 180 being that it is chorale sounding which might be a call back to the legends that accompany the swords.

I know I’m a little late to the game with Swordgai but there seems to be silence on the frontier and in the distance from the back row I hear a faint “It sucks!” So…. I will continue forward and make judgments myself LOL wish me luck.




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