Hm. That was anti-climatic: A Swordgai Review

Alright everyone, not too long ago was my first impression of Swordgai. One of the last words I said was how I needed to watch the whole thing and make judgments for myself. So here we go…

Animation wise, it was a little hard to see what was happening. And for all the mech looking suits I expected it to be a little more epic? Maybe that’s not the right word… But intense, extravagant, I felt over all the fights were short.

The continuation of surprise definitely did happen. So much so that I started to second guess who the main character was, even though there anime is named after the supposed character. But that was all cleared to by the end. Sort of. I was disappointed by the side characters. Some of them I liked and could predict the end, some of them I didn’t care to remember and met a very crazy but predictable demise.

There were also some convenient preexisting relationships that sped up the plot’s whole craze and killed off a few more folks. No other way to tie up loose ends then death. Because in this anime, the dead don’t talk. With that being said, there’s some deaths that deserved more than what they got.

Other than backstories that were cut short, and deaths that deserved more, it had its moments. It just introduced it’s silver lining a little too late. The underlining motif was that love was the weapon and the shield in their internal struggles. As if the emotion itself was just too strong to be controlled. I can say that, now that I’ve watched all of it in it’s entirety.

Overall I can say it was alright. If they had more time to block out the characters and the weapons to fill in the plot it would have been a much more fulfilling experience.




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