Otaku Thursday: Anime Related Youtubers to Watch

Hello all and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! I hope you all enjoyed Hotsui Matsuri last week, but this week we’re back to our regular programming! Well–kind of. Today I’m actually going to be talking about something I’ve never talked about but occasionally enjoy indulging in–watching anime Youtubers. So today instead of delivering an anime review (and totally unrelated to kissanime being taken down), I’m going to share a list of some cool anime youtubers to watch! (Or at least the ones I watch. Sue me.)

Glass Reflection

Probably one of the most thoughtful anime reviewers I’ve ever watched, Glass Reflection is also one of the biggest anime youtubers out there (for absolutely good reason). Honestly sometimes I just listen to Glass Reflection when I’m working just to be like “YES” “GREAT POINT” “10/10 Agree”. But of course I don’t always agree with his opinions, and yet despite that he is so eloquent and honest no matter what he’s saying about a show. I believe he always give things a good try and doesn’t hold back about his feelings without entirely shitting on a show. Truly someone to model after in terms of reviews.

Under the Scope

One of my guilty pleasure anime youtubers. Under the Scope provides introspection and deep analysis on different aspects of anime and anime movies. I initially began my adoration with Under the Scope by watching his video on one of my favorite anime movies — Koe no Katachi. The absolute on point analysis of the movie and the use of silence and sound it were truly eye opening–even pointing out subtleties I never noticed. I feel like every video I watch from Under the Scope is some sort of ethereal experience into an anime and I absolutely love that feeling.


So technically TrophyCruncher does more than just anime but I mainly watch his anime related videos. He is one of those channels reacts to episodes of shows. I’m always super impressed with his wide taste in anime and find that he’s super entertaining to watch and often has really good thoughts on episodes. I have especially appreciated his Given react videos along with his Fruits Basket ones. I also think he has a very similar to taste in anime to me so it makes it extra fun to watch his vids.


The creators of one of the most hilarious anime and weeb related content. They are the champions and absolute kings who created “Anime House” which has provided me with so much entertainment. They also do things like “Video Game House” and also “When people take anime too far”. If you want some gut-busting humor and quality anime content–this is your go-to channel.

Mother’s Basement

Creator of A+ content such as “What’s in an Opening” and “What’s in a Waifu?” Mother’s Basement has probably the widest array of anime that he makes videos on. He also has some of the most robust types of video- -in fact he kind of just feels like an anime blog gone video. Which of course I love. Especially watching his recommendations on what to watch.

These have just been some of my go-to youtubers that I highly recommend if you like watching your anime content in addition to reading it! I’m also super interested in knowing of any anime, otaku, or weeb related content creators you know of on Youtube because I always need more to watch! Til next time~

Stay Weebtastic,




5 thoughts on “Otaku Thursday: Anime Related Youtubers to Watch

  1. RDCworld1 is amazing. Not only does he make anime related skits but he is also big on NBA ones as well. I’m a basketball fan too and his videos on such always crack me up!

    Another YouTuber I liked for anime would be Evangelion Analysis Project. I enjoyed NGE myself and his videos on the characters and themes were pretty deep and well-sought out. If you’re a fan of Evangelion I’d say his content is worth a look into.


    1. Ahh I have seen the NBA ones too! To be honest that entire channel is just pure comedic gold.

      I will look that up! I always find when people do analysis on Evangelion, it always gets really deep and actually very intriguing to hear their thoughts. And character analysis are always fun to listen to! I feel like I haven’t watched enough of them so Evangelion Analysis Project seems like a good place to start ! Thanks for the recommendation!!

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  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I’d like to recommend one as well. I love almost every so far made by the youtuber “Aleczandxr.” He does extremely insightful and well-written explorations of specific series or the character within them. He has a lot of Hunter x Hunter videos, but there’s much more, too.

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    1. I’ve never heard of Aleczandxr but I’m definitely going to look him up! I love the channels that explore specifics or do deep analysis’ into characters. He sounds like a channel that’s right up my alley!

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