Happy belated Girls/Boys day!–The sibling post!

**Disclaimer! This post may contain spoilers in which we will do our very best to explain our reasoning without giving away too much of the plot. I also want you all to know that this was a very DIFFICULT decision and this will be a repeating post yearly so that we highlight different siblings each year. 

Best Duo

gif edward elric FMA Fullmetal Alchemist fullmetal alchemist ...

I mean. What else can I say? This goes beyond reason. They might arguably be in the most famous anime siblings of all time. “Full Metal Alchemist” in every reboot has been about one focus. Ed fighting for the humanity of his brother. I think Ed carries so much guilt by not thinking of his brother’s safety. So the story revolves around forgiveness, particularly Ed forgiving himself for his actions involving his family. But also Al accepting his brother’s help to recover what was lost. 


I also want to add on that not only are these brothers probably one of the best sibling duo’s ever, but I also just love them so much. Like, Ed is so protective of Al despite the fact that his brother literally inhabits a suit of armor.I just like–I really like how far Ed is willing to go for his brother (even if part of it may be out of guilt). Meanwhile, I love Al’s dedication to his brother as well. Never once did he blame Ed for what happened, and he stays with him even after he is able to return to his O.G. form. They truly, truly care for each through and through. And they will always be one of my favorite sibling duos. 



Steam Community :: :: Rin+Yukio

Now I know what you’re probably thinking–”but Luna! They aren’t estranged”–but I would argue that they kind of are. While yes, they do live together and Rin cooks for Yukio, and they seem like the perfect pair of siblings, there definitely lies not just tension but a level of estrangement between them. Yukio tends to keep a lot to himself–often hiding many aspects of his life from Rin. Technically, Rin didn’t even know Yukio was a teacher at his school (respect to Yukio for being such a young fucking teacher considering they are twins) nor did he know Yukio’s true rank as an exorcist. And *spoiler alert* later on they became actually estranged when Yukio learned something that Rin didn’t which caused a huge rift in their relationship. But at the end of the day, they still loved each other and always will be acting for each other. 


Long Lost Siblings

Anime Gems: Chance Pop Session - YouTube

We decided to give this category to this anime encompassing it’s main characters. The argument being it’s an anime literally about how these three long lost sisters find each other through their love of music. Being that this anime came out many years ago -cough2001cough- I will speak to my reasoning about why I love this story sooooo much. I’ll start by saying that this anime is dated (obviously) and may seem cheesy in this day and age but the story is endearing. It also speaks to the love a musician has with music. If it wasn’t for the music they wouldn’t have discovered each other, so music was as much a parent to them as their real birth parents. 


Tohru and her Best Friends

Tohru, Uo and Hana 😊 on We Heart It

Tohru. She truly is her mother’s daughter. I would like to believe that Tohru’s mother taught her the greatest lesson that fueled her entire life just in the nick of time. Thanks to Tohru she was able to create support systems that not only benefited the people in the groups but subsequently herself. Being that Tohru is the most selfless character in the anime she tries her best not to make herself the focus even though she’s suffering just as much as everyone else. Luckily, her friends never stop caring for her even though she tried her best to hide it. Uotani and Hanajima taking on the role as her sisters protecting her the way parents would. 


Adding onto this as well. I just wanted to be like–the relationship between these three is really unique. The fact that Hanajima & Uotani are there for her no matter what, and love her unconditionally is just overall really touching. When Tohru loses her family, you could argue the Sohma’s is what gave her a family back–but it was always her friends instead. They were always a safe space for her, and she was always a safe space for them. It was truly a family they had built together, perhaps without even realizing how strong it was. 


There you have it folks. As difficult as it was we definitely enjoyed giving these characters the floor. In earnest these were incredibly difficult and we can’t wait to bring this back next year! If you missed a post check it out by clicking the link to our first Hotsui Matsuri post and Thank you so much for joining us, till next time!

Stay weebtastic




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