Happy Hotsui Matsuri!

Rays of sunlight shine down onto you like a warm gentle touch. You feel the wind gently against your face, your yukata shifting every so slightly with the breeze. The sound of chattering comes from the long row of festival stalls…

Welcome everyone to Hotsui Matsuri! For the next six days we’re going to be talking about all things folklore and festival! From the good kind of ghost stories, to friendly folklore, to summer festivals, and the importance of aspects of Japanese culture. Without the ability to go out this summer, we’re going to be putting on our very own kind of summer festival.

As always we’ll be keeping this intro post as a master archive for all this holidays post in case you miss one! Otherwise, we truly hope you’ll join us each day for Hotsui Matsuri!

Holiday posts!

What is Matsuri anyways?– So glad you asked!

It’s me, Star, kicking off our very own HOTSUI MATSURI. With the most important question to answer. What is a Matsuri? Well, Matsuri quite literally means festival. They are also like fests here with food stalls, vendors, decorations, activities related to the celebration. Everyone wears appropriate outfits and cookies depending on the season some in…

Kimono Galore! And all the different styles!

Heeeey I’m coming at you with some style! I’m here to explain all the different styles of kimono and when you wear them. I’ll do my best to give some explanation to this very ancient and beautiful style and what better way to do it then examples in anime :} (This is all not to…

Nihongo Legends: Anime About the Dearly Departed

No. We are not talking about scary ghosts–that is reserved for Otakutober. Today we’re talking about all of the friendly ghosts and spirits that make for some really beautiful stories. Not to mention it’s around the time of Obon Festival right now and Obon is all about honoring the spirits of the deceased, so I…

Nihongo Legends– Kamisama why?! Stories in Anime

As any avid weeb would know, the use of gods in anime is a crazy amount. But I’m here to point out a few that focus on the Shinto gods. But I might not be able to resist myself especially since Shinto and Chinese gods are neighbors in the afterlife so they often visit each…

Nihongo Legends: Foxy Lads & Ladies – Kitsune in Anime

Hello all and welcome back to Hotsui Matsuri day 6! Can you believe we only have one more day to go? Hope you were around the other day to talk about shrine gods! Today, we’re going to have a blog filled with something else that we all love — foxy lads and foxy ladies. And…

Happy belated Girls/Boys day!–The sibling post!

**Disclaimer! This post may contain spoilers in which we will do our very best to explain our reasoning without giving away too much of the plot. I also want you all to know that this was a very DIFFICULT decision and this will be a repeating post yearly so that we highlight different siblings each…



–Luna & Star


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