Kimono Galore! And all the different styles!

Heeeey I’m coming at you with some style! I’m here to explain all the different styles of kimono and when you wear them. I’ll do my best to give some explanation to this very ancient and beautiful style and what better way to do it then examples in anime :} (This is all not to be confused with the rise in western fashion of the more open robe like style.)

Causal Kimono

haydee (gankutsuou) | Danbooru

The casual kimono can be worn out for special occasions (like a Matsuri) or for normal everyday events. Typically there is one or two layers and less ornate accessories. The length is somewhere at the ankles to make walking simpler and less of a shuffle but still a shuffle.


Ichihara Yuuko - xxxHOLiC - HD Wallpaper #512203 - Zerochan Anime ...

The Yukata is a shorter style Kimono that goes to about mid shin and shorter sleeves. Mostly warn in hotter weather. Not many layers are worn under the yukata but it’s more about length than anything else.

Hapi coat

Yamuraiha x sharrkan compilation - YouTube

Hapi coats are usually as long as your waist to mud thigh and often worn open with no layers. It’s typically worn for activities that require a lot of movement.

Lounging Kimono (alternate Yukata)

Rolling Review – Fruits Basket 2019 (11) – The Con Artists

Usually made of thinner fabric, it’s the one you wear to sleep, fresh out of the bath. It’s not necessarily the one you would want to go to the store in but walking around the house indoors or outdoors is just fine! This can also be used to layer more expensive and thicker kimono so it’s often as short as a causal kimono.

Uchikake Wedding Kimono

Tomoe and Nanami's wedding Kamisama Kiss [Rus Dub] - YouTube

Typically a multilayered outfit, often the most expensive fabric and intricate design, down to the thread. Also accessories like obi sashes, cords, and hairpins are also used. It’s all about dressing up and the length is sometimes out of this world!

Mofuku (Widowed Kimono)

2019 TOP 20 Anime Characters That Look Good In A Kimono

Soooooo Hell Girl was the closest I could find. But typically a widowed Kimono is mostly black with limited design and color. It’s often layered with thinner lounging kimono and sometimes worn as an outer layer that is open and like a you would wear a hapi coat.

Hakama (Shrine Attire)

Kimi no Na wa. (2016) | Recenzja Anime | Rascal Blog

Last but not least. The shire attire is usually white and red. Although other such training uniforms can be white and black. But red is something of a sacred color in Japanese culture so red colored things at a religious ceremony is to be expected.

I love them so much. And I definitely spent way too much time looking up all these shots because of their beauty and reminiscing the good ole times. Anyways there’s your lesson for the day! Hope this was a simple taste of Kimono styles. See you in the next post!




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    1. Thank you! It was fun to create! And I didn’t realize it either since I knew less about Kimono style at the time. Fun fact is Yoko from xxHolic wears almost every kind. So it was so easy for me to get lost in her pics.

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