What is Matsuri anyways?– So glad you asked!

It’s me, Star, kicking off our very own HOTSUI MATSURI. With the most important question to answer. What is a Matsuri? Well, Matsuri quite literally means festival. They are also like fests here with food stalls, vendors, decorations, activities related to the celebration. Everyone wears appropriate outfits and cookies depending on the season some in the seasonal setting and some in modern attire.

The true magic of Matsuri is the stories and legends that they are based upon. There’s truly a touch of lore for every Matsuri and it leaves a mystical, magic touch with every visitor. There are many Matsuri that take place in different cities in Japan but there are some that happen on the same day nationwide so I’ll list some of them below .

Seijin Shiki

(second Monday of January)

Seijin Shiki Festival -
This holiday is for girls who reach the lucky age of adulthood. Think of it as a Coming of Age Day.


(February 2nd)

Setsubun: Get Ready For Japan's Beloved Bean-Throwing Holiday ...
We throwin’ roasted soybeans to ward away the Oni, dawg.


(third Saturday in February)

Aichi Events In February 2020 | Kawaii Aichi - Travel to Aichi ...
A large mass of newly naked men carry a wooden shrine while nearly naked women beat on a drum as they carry paper talismans made by training priests for good luck.


(March 3rd)

Pin by Asmaa A on Japan | Japanese festival, Hina matsuri ...
Doll’s day also known as Girls day. On red fabric sit ornate dolls representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants and musicians all in traditional court dress from the Heian period.


(Late March early May)

The Sakura Blossom and its Cultural Significance in Japan | Hub Japan
It’s a Cherry Blossom blooming party aka the best date EVER.


(April 8th)

ฮานะมัตสึริ (เทศกาลดอกไม้)/คู่มือท่องเที่ยวโตเกียวอย่างเป็นทางการ ...
It’s Buddah’s BDAY Party and everyone is bathing him in holy water. (He liked flowers too.)


(July 7th)

Sayama City | Welcome to Japan! | TOKYO 2020 - PRE-GAMES TRAINING ...
See all those slips of colorful paper? They’re all wishes. And those streamers? They represent comets. This story is called “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl”. It’s a romantic story about a star-crossed lovers. Literally. With a milky way of stars between them. The only day of the year they can meet and only if the sky is clear.


(August 13th-16th)

What is Obon? | All About Japan
Celebrating the dead and inviting them to a party where we syncronize dance, hang lanterns and eat food till the sun goes down. There be lanterns on the water too!


(November 15)

Shichi-Go-San: Japanese Celebration for Children the Age of 7, 5, 3
7-5-3 AKA the CUTEST FREAKING MATSURI. It’s a coming of age but for all kids turning 7, 5, or 3.


(December 31st)

Let's Start with a Clean Slate: New Year's Traditions in Japan ...
The BOMBEST Matsuri obviously.

I hope you enjoyed you’re little taste of Japan with my questionably informative summaries. See you in the next post for Day 3 of Hotsui Matsuri!




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