Nihongo Legends: Anime About the Dearly Departed

No. We are not talking about scary ghosts–that is reserved for Otakutober. Today we’re talking about all of the friendly ghosts and spirits that make for some really beautiful stories. Not to mention it’s around the time of Obon Festival right now and Obon is all about honoring the spirits of the deceased, so I … More Nihongo Legends: Anime About the Dearly Departed

Happy Hotsui Matsuri!

Rays of sunlight shine down onto you like a warm gentle touch. You feel the wind gently against your face, your yukata shifting every so slightly with the breeze. The sound of chattering comes from the long row of festival stalls… Welcome everyone to Hotsui Matsuri! For the next six days we’re going to be … More Happy Hotsui Matsuri!