Day 7 of Hotsui Matsuri: Girls/Boys Day Sibling Spotlight

Hey everyone! Welcome to the last day of Hotsui Matsuri and the second annual sibling post!

Best Duo

Demon Slayer - Bath Towel 2 - Tanjiro & Nezuko – Crunchyroll

Nezuko & Tanjirou

So this year for best duo, I had to go with a new age pair this year considering last year we went with the possibly ever epic duo of Ed and Al from Full Metal Alchemist. So this year? This year as we’re looking at the new age pair, we’re going with Nezuko and Tanjirou! That’s right, everyone’s favorite demon and demon slayer siblings. Nezuko and Tanjirou are honestly some of the best brother/sister duos in all of anime in my opinion. Because they lost the rest of their family, they really are the only people they have left in the world. Their devotion to each other is also strong–Tanjirou literally becoming a demon slayer to protect his sister and find a way to cure her, and Nezuko–who goes against demon instinct to protect Tanjirou and those who are important to him because they are her ‘family’. These two are certain to bring a smile to your face even when they are faced with perilous situations. Literal sibling goals.


InuYasha and Sesshomaru | Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Inuyasha and sesshomaru

Inuyasha & Sesshomaru

These brothers have a LOT of history together. In many ways they are living in the shadow of their father but on different planes. While Sesshomaru is trying to overwrite his father’s fame Inuyasha is trying to escape his father’s fame. Given that they are born many years apart and have different mothers they were raised in extremely different environments. Different classes and different races they grew to have different values, strengths and weaknesses. Funnily enough, I think their father understood and even predicted this outcome and made ways for them to learn how to see each other as equals and not enemies.

Long Lost Siblings

Hiei & Yukina | Anime nerd, Hiei, Yu yu hakusho hiei

Hiei & Yukina

Under long lost…we’re going really long lost. Hiei and Yukina, from YYH were twins separated at birth. They were from a village of ice demons and since Hiei was born a fire demon (and a boy) he was cast out and left for dead. The two of them essentially spend a good portion of their lives looking for each other. Hiei, being quite the powerful and resourceful demon, has better luck with finding out who Yukina is first. He then goes out of his way to save her from a bad situation and then protect her, from the shadows really. Yukina, for the most part, doesn’t seem to know Hiei is her brother at first but over time she pieces it together–from their friends reactions, Hiei’s instinct to protect her, and what little she does know about her long lost brother. While the two never fully reconcile in a meaningful way, they share a nice moment near the end of the series where it’s pretty clear that they’ve acknowledged each other as siblings. Just–don’t tell Kuwabara. He still doesn’t know.

Family you choose

BANANA FISH(アニメ)11話の解説&考察&感想!アッシュの3つの側面

Banana Fish gangs

So we love Banana Fish here for a lot of reasons but one of the most important reasons is based on family being an honor that is given to people you trust and love. There is no better example than what is shown in this anime. Being that Ash can’t trust his biological family and the closest thing to family was his comrades in arms after he left the gang that abused him. He was able to build a community that he and others could feel supported in (even though it is obviously the most extreme route to go down). Still, his gang acts not just as his friends and underlings–but as his family. The other gangs of NY are similar–take for instance the Chinese gang where Shorter and Sing are like brothers, despite not being related. Then when Eiji comes in, everyone in Ash’s gang (plus Shorter and Sing) act like he too is their family. It’s incredibly sweet in the weirdest way.

And that’s what we have today! There will be much more in the future since our list keeps getting longer haha.

Stay weebytastic!





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