Day 6 of Hotsui Matsuri: Festival Food

Welcome to day 6 of Hotsui Matsuri! I’m going to be real with you… This is mostly food porn. But I will break it down for you in terms of taste and ingredients. Let’s get started!

たこ焼き Takoyaki | Food, Anime, Takoyaki
Takoyaki- Baked dough balls filled with a white octopus sauce covered in teriyaki, mayo, and bonito flakes
Grilled squid, Anime, Food
Grilled squid
itadakimasu-anime: “ Yakisoba! Amanchu!, Episode 12 ” | Food, Food  pictures, Food illustrations | shave ice
Yakisoba- Teriyaki flavored noodles pan tossed with veggies like cabbage, pickled radish, carrots
Anime Foodie | Kawaii food, Shaved ice recipe, Yummy food dessert
Shaved ice with flavored syrups
Taiyaki- Thin baked dough waffle filled with red bean paste
Mitarashi dango! Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori, Episode 1 | Cute food  drawings, Food drawing, Anime crying
Dango- Rice pounded into balls and covered in a sweet honey glaze
Upping Your Yakitori Game with Skewers of Tsukune (Seasoned Ground Chicken  on a Stick) | Itadakimasu Anime!
Yakiniku- Variety of grilled meats and vegeteables

Hope you enjoyed this comforting eye bleach~




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