Top 5 Anime Endings of Spring 2022

Happy Otaku Thursday! Whether or not you identify as an otaku, you’re here now. So, as the season of anime winds down, we delivered you our favorite anime openings of the season. But now is the time to list our favorite anime endings. Let’s count em down.

Anime Endings
Spring 2022

The Executioner and Her Way of Life

5 ) The Executioner and Her Way of Life

The song here is very beautiful, and I really like the white screen and the small box where the animation is. It’s a nice contrast because it very much has a light and somewhat melancholy feeling, whereas the opening feels very intense and dark. Almost like if the opening represented death, the ending would be walking the path of rebirth. But also, I just really like the simplistic ending style and the song.

4 ) Kaguya-sama Love is War: Ultra Romantic

Kaguya-sama Love is War: Ultra Romantic

This ending was nothing I’d expect out of Kaguya-sama, and yet it somehow perfectly fit? We’re still trying to figure out what sci-fi it’s referencing–if any. But this space-themed ending is very fun to watch–like it’s own mini-movie, and the animation on it is solid. While it may seem completely out of the blue, it’s still a great ending.

3 ) Ya Boy Kongming!

Ya Boy Kongming!

We love the music of this show SO much. The opening is great, but we personally like the ending better. It’s a catchy song (pretty sure a cover) that is always stuck in our heads. But more than that, even though it has a distinct chibi-style–we love how it slowly changes the more characters appear in the show. With every new and important person, they get added to the ending until the full cast is there and it’s just so cute. We love it.

2 ) Fanfare of Adolescence

Fanfare of Adolescence

I know not a lot of people like this anime, but we love it and the ending song is SO GOOD. The visuals are breathtaking in our opinion. The stills, the way they play with light and frame shots. It’s so soft at times and the focus on their bonds and training is cool. Even the way it starts with the main character’s old band on a billboard and ends with them racing. I love everything about this ending.

1 ) Spy x Family

Spy x Family

Coming in at number one is Spy x Family. While again both the opening and ending are great, we prefer the ending. The vibes are so good and it has a lot of cool things going on in the animation. For instance, the glowing imprints drawings over the animation, the hallway and intense paintings of Yor and Twilight, the shifting panels, the sequence of them running through the seasons, and where they dance together with Anya on the table. You’d almost think too much was going on visually but they make it work so well. Truly deserving of best ending.

Well, there you have it! That is our top five anime endings of Spring 2022. Next thing we’re probably going to have to do? Our top five anime of the season. And while that’s daunting, I think we’ve got a pretty good idea of which ones have stood out. What about ya’ll? Any favorite ending songs? Let us know!

Stay Weebtastic,




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