Best Dads in Anime

Hey all! To accompany our Best Moms in Anime posts, we’ve decided to do a Dads post as well! So rules to this post, they will be dads not fathers. Those stellar men, helped to raise stellar beings by acting as a father-figure (not to be confused with brothers that tend to have a slightly different feel). And like Best moms, I will list a few of my favorites and save some for years to come. Anyways here we go!

The Wolfman aka The Dad

Wolf Children

This man quite literally died trying to provide from his pregnant wife. Even though he wasn’t around to raise his kids the fact that if he lived we would have been the element to bridge the upbringing of his kids and the modern world. He also would have helped mom in general. Although, all the characters came out stronger through they trials, growing into the people they were meant to be, I like to believe that he would have been a great dad.

Ernst Frederick Egin aka Father Fujimoto

Blue Exorcist

As weird and convoluted as Rin and Yukio’s genetics, lineage, and conception is, Grandpa did a good job. For those early years, raising them must have been really difficult. They each have different strengths and weaknesses, especially their temperament. Somehow, Grandpa gave them exactly what they needed to grow into their best selves. Well, you know what I mean haha.

Wasuke Itadori

Jujutsu Kaisen

Speaking of Grandpas, I’m listing him as one of my favorites because of his attitude alone. We all know Itadori was NOT a walk in the park to raise. And with his death it gave Itadori the kick in the pants to really get going with the rest of his life.

Papa Shirogane

Kaguya love is war

Not only was he in full support of his son and the vice president getting together but he also spoke on Kaguya’s behave when her parent/guardian couldn’t make it to student conferences. Although he is a little menacing he means well and he raised a good set of kids.

Alan Kofune

Summer Time Rendering

I just wanna say, this man adopted three orphans out of the goodness of his heart while running a business. As if he didn’t have enough to do putting three kids to school each morning from elementary through high school. He did the most here, hands down.

Like I said before, these are some of my favorites, there are many more to come in theh next Best Dad’s post!


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