Happy Hotsui Matsuri!

The breeze dances through the paper lanterns that adorn the streets. The sound of chattering comes from the long row of festival stalls, and the smells of divine festival food fills the air. You shift to fix your yukata, pause to breath in the scent of fresh Taiyaki, and then look up to the sun’s gentle rays.

Welcome everybody to Hotsui Matsuri! Today marks the beginning of our very own summertime festival right here on our blog! And while we can’t actually offer you taiyaki, busy festival streets, or a beautiful summer day, we can promise you that for the next week, we’re going to be talking about a bunch of things ranging from Japanese folklore, to festivals, and even traditional Japanese instruments and music! Yes. This week it’s all about talking some traditional Japanese culture and folklore. We’ll be having a blast as we delve into these posts–bringing you Nihongo legends, cultures, and of course–otaku related content. So, we hope that you all decide to join us for the next week as we celebrate in our very own special way!

And as always, we’ll be keeping this intro post as a master archive for our week worth of posts just in case you miss one! Otherwise, we truly hope you’ll get excited to join us every day on the blog for Hotsui Matsuri!



Luna & Star

Day 1: Traditional Japanese Instruments

Day 2: Nihongo Legends: Shrine Maidens

Day 3: Nihongo Legends: The Mighty Kappa

Day 4: What is Obon- Demystifying Japanese Culture

Day 5: Nihongo Legends: Tanuki Time

Day 6: Festival Food

Day 7: Girls/Boys Day Sibling Spotlilght


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