Omedetou Grads! A graduation playlist in japanese

Hey! Much like in America there are songs that are sung at graduations. Sometimes the class chooses and sometimes it’s traditional to sing the school anthem. In this post I’ll talk about some of the best graduation songs that got famous around the time of my graduation. Here’s a fun trip down memory lane for those that know these bangers from anime or movies. These songs are also still popular for their farewells and I, Star, will tell you why haha

Being that this is an emotional time for students, there’s a lot of moments of nostalgia which can lead to confessions and the like. This isn’t just popular in anime/manga but also movies that can inspire real life or vice versa (the chicken or the egg).

The Graduation playlist:

Sakura- Ikimonogakari from 5 centimeters per second

In this verse, the song mentions graduation and the nostalgia that happens when you are about to enter that next chapter in your life. It’s named aptly since springtime is when the sakura blossoms are in full bloom.

From the train I could see

The traces of one day

The big bridge we crossed together

Graduation time came

And you left town

On the colourful riverbank, I search for that day

First Verse

Kiseki by GReeeeN

This song is actually about deeply rooted feelings that someone can have for another. Particularly, that it is graduation and that tomorrow will be more painful then today because it is the end of this chapter in life and that it was a miracle to have met.

Tomorrow, I can love you more than I do today These overflowing feelings won’t stop

Even now, though I love you so much I can’t put it to words

The days you gave me piled up The “tracks” where we walked in the days that have passed

What if our encounter was a coincidence? What if it was fate?

Meeting you That’s a “miracle”

First verse

Hanbunko- Stereopony

This one is slightly different in the way where she is mentioning the moments to a person about the feelings they never confessed to that were mutual. That they could have had something and it’s all about to end unless they do something now.

Half of the broken fragments of our love
Do you still have them?

Breathing the same air somewhere
Thinking the same thing somewhere
Walking the same connecting path to somewhere
Gazing at the moon somewhere
I wonder why at that time
I didn’t convey anything to you?
I wonder why at that time
We parted ways?

Opening chorus and first verse

Hotaru no Hikari (In the tune of Auld Lang Syne)

This is song is simple and talking about the passage of time and good luck, much like a poem. Why is it in the melody of Auld Lang Syne? I don’t know.

By the glow of fireflies, and the moonlit snow by the window,
Days and months spent reading,
Years have even passed, through the cedar door,
This morning, we leave.

Whether staying, or leaving,
Remember each other, in the
Depths of our hearts, in a word,
Sing, “Good luck”.

The whole song

Aogeba Toutoshi- Song of Gratitude

It grew popular during WWII and stuck. It’s mainly a song about gratitude and continuing to learn.

When I behold it, how precious it is: the kindness of my master
In the bower of teaching, already many years have passed
When I think back, how swift they seem, these years and months
And now let us part: lo, farewell

To one another we were harmonious: these everyday kindnesses—
Even after we part, my friend, do not forget them
Stand tall and make your name, my friend: strive on
And now let us part: lo, farewell

From the window of learning, familiar after many days and evenings
There was the lamplight of fireflies, the white of snow
Not a moment will we forget of these departed months and years
And now let us part: lo, farewell

The whole song

And you know, of course there is a crack energy version of the song and I’m going to happily link is here.

Alright, that’s all I have for you this time! It’s a pretty short list but I know there are more songs about this bittersweet, meloncholy end of one person’s chapter in their lives and graduation!




2 thoughts on “Omedetou Grads! A graduation playlist in japanese

  1. Aogeba Toutoshi gives me goosebumps each time the melody plays in my head. First time hearing about it was in “Angel Beats”‘ last episode and believe me, after what happens next it forever stuck.

    Didn’t know about Sakura- Ikimonogakari being from 5cm/s movie though.


    1. Right?! I was surprised doing the deep dive. I always loved Sakura by Ikimonogakari and had no idea it was from the movie. Aogeba Toutoshi I’ve heard so many times and never knew what it was called or what it was about LOL the more you know!


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