Celebrate White Day!!! Here, I’ll help you.

Remember when I, Star, was talking about how America and the rest of the world should celebrate White day if they celebrate Valentine’s day? No? Here I’ll link it for you. Anyways, remember when you received that chocolate? It’s time to pay up! White day is March 14th and it’s the last chance to repay for the gracious gifts you have accepted. So I’m going to give you some ideas!

So if roses are red and so is Valentine’s day then White day is all about the snowy cloudy gifts of purity and sweetness. Here in America every store is filled to the brim with Easter things but don’t let that stop you. There is…


For those who love sweets it’s all about that cute pastel-looking cake, cupcake, angel cake, small packable cake that looks cute with cute things on it with frosting, fondant, or whipcream.


Now depending on how much they spent on you, it’s probably best to pay them back in a way that is equal. These are no ordinary plushies. These are cute, expensive, adorable plushies that are incredibly soft and hugable.

Matching things

Talk about equality haha, you buy something for them and keep something for you! It’s definitely a great way to respond to a confession (if you haven’t already and your answer is the same). But also this is a great gift for a best friend or a sibling. It’s a way or squading with your ride or die.

I hope this helps on your journey PS all the images (except the cake) is clickable so you can buy any and all of these items. I’m telling you any weeb will lose their shit. Works every time. You’re welcome.




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