Day 5 Doki Doki Days – Anime Confessions

Hey ya’ll, it’s officially Day 5 of our seven Doki Doki Days! Can you believe we’re almost done with this festival of all things that makes your heart go doki doki? Because personally, I can’t. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so for today I thought I’d write about something that happens a lot on Valentine’s Day–confessions. Is it cliche? Perhaps. But does it always happen? Absolutely. Especially in anime.

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So, like any good romance story–confessions are a HUGE thing in anime. There’s several ways in which you can find yourself confessing or being confessed to in an anime. But y’know, on Valentine’s day the common thing is to confess via chocolate. I mean, I’m sure we’ve all seen this in real life and in a plethora of anime. One person spends days crafting homemade chocolate for the person they like. Then the day comes for them to give their chocolate to the person they like–but then they usually see how popular the person they are giving chocolates to is and rethink their entire life. But they normally do give them at the end of the day. And with it, it’s a clear sign of their feelings. It’s the moment they are declaring “I like you”. So…that’s one way to confess in anime.

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Oh, but another way is to become a high school student–and yes being a high school student is of utter importance. Anyway, so now that you’re a high school student, all you have to do is get enough courage to go up to the person you like. Or just send a friend–a friend always helps. Or just a messenger really. Call out your crush. To a location on campus–preferably a secluded one so that you can hide in shame if you get turned down. Then sign up your homies to hide in the bush and watch your confession. After that, you wait for your crush to show up where you dramatically tell them your feelings in the back of the school. Hopefully, this kind of confession works out for you.

Anime vs Real Life (School)
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Another way to confess if you’re a high school student is to very easily write a note. You can put all your feelings into a written piece–hopefully only a page long and straight to the point. Then you take the written note and put it into your crush’s shoe locker and wait for them to find it. If you are gutsy enough, you’ll actually write down who you are so they know–and if not you’ll leave it anon.

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So one of the tropes that I have seen a lot of recently, is confessing to your crush when they are ‘asleep’. Now I say ‘asleep’ because sometimes they actually are passed out, but other times they are actually still awake, just pretending to be in the throes of slumber. This is a nice, practically risk-free way of telling someone you like them. On the off chance that they are actually just pretending to sleep, they likely won’t do anything to show you they know. And sometimes them hearing your secret confession could be the thing they’ve been waiting to hear to get the confidence to confess their love to you.

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A more direct thing you could do is just straight up confess. Is it a BDE move? Well, in anime it surely is since there are a plethora of other ways to confess. But I honestly appreciate the direct approach. It definitely gets your crush in a fluster, especially if you can say your own feelings clearly and unwaveringly. It’s a nice touch. I like seeing this, to be honest.

Okay so maybe that was only a few ways that anime confessions happen. But in all honesty, there’s a lot of ways confessions happen in anime. Though on Valentine’s in particular, you’ll mostly see the chocolates–and calling people behind the school. Sometimes even a combination of the two (combo-move!). But of course, if you ever found yourself needing to confess in an anime-like way, you could always just go the easy route and body-swap with your crush and then meet at the twilight hour, write your name on the hand of the person you like, hope that they don’t die in a meteor strike, and meet them many years later on some stairs and ask for their name. Simple, right? Anyway, hope you enjoyed day 5 of Doki Doki Days and don’t forget to check back for tomorrow!

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