7 Doki Doki Days – Introducing Doki Doki Days 2022

Welcome to another year of Doki Doki Days! This is our season special where we break down some anime-related tropes, shows, and characters with a rose-tinted lens. Our blogs will be a mix of new topics and old topics ranging from fluttering heartbeats to tragically romantic. We’re also changing up our turn based blogging for those of you that read day to day, not to worry though since we often help and build our content. So without further ado, let’s begin the countdown to Valentine’s day one blog at a time. Let’s gooooo~

Day 1:  Top 5 Anime Couples of the Year

Day 2: Best Boy & Girl

Day 3: When Love Goes Wrong- Adam’s Obsession in Sk8

Day 4: Till Death Do Us Part

Day 5: Confessions on Valentine’s

Day 6: Reverse Harems, A Conversation

Day 7: What is White Day?

Stay weebtastic!




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