Intro to Doki Doki Days

Chocolates given in secret. Couple bracelets and matching charms. Sweet adolescent confessions give behind the school building. It’s that time of year again here on You Can’t Know, where we celebrate all things relating to love for our annual Doki Doki Days!

For the next week leading up to Valentine’s Day, we’re going to be posting about a variety of topics regarding love. But how, you might ask, will this year differ from past years? This year, some of our posts will have to do with different kinds of love besides romantic. Because let’s be real, while Valentine’s is mass marketed as only for lovers, it’s a great time to appreciate anyone in your life that you care about.

As always, we’ll have links to each post listed here as they come out. If you want to read any years of Doki Doki past, you can find them here. So thanks so much for being here and I hope you enjoy our first blogging event of 2023! Welcome, to Doki Doki Days 2023.

1) Top 5 Anime Couples of the Year

2) Tokyo Revengers: A multilayered love story

3) Best Kiss

4) Reverse Harems: A Conversation

5) Best Boys & Best Girls

6) Best Duos

7) Soulmates


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