Tagging Anime with Color Challenge!

We’ve been tagged! Thank you so much Edy from Convoluted Situation for thinking of us in this beautiful tagging challenge! We had a few good laughs putting this line-up together and it’s nice to showcase some of our favorites in a new colorful way. I particularly enjoyed picking the pics for this one since they are often so different when they are listed side by side.

3 Rules:

#1 Share your favourite stories—movies/books/anime/manga/drama/songs—by classifying them on these seven colours’ traits:

  • red: passionate, exciting, invigorating
  • blue: peaceful, calming
  • pink: romantic, caring
  • orange: warm, motivating
  • black: mysterious, thrilling
  • green: fresh, unexpected
  • white: random

#2 Send this challenge invitation to at least one of your friends. Let them fear your superiority, as you—decide their fate.

#3 Link back to the original post here! And, enjoy!

Note: It’s always recommended for you to thank (or link back to) the people who nominated you, but if you think there’s already an unbreakable bond between you and the challengers, then feel free to drop the courtesy. Without further ado, let’s begin!


Yuri on ice/Taisou samurai

Image result for taisou zamurai
“Because Jou is a legend and he’s inspiring and you can’t help but get inspired.”- Luna
Image result for yuri on ice
“The whole premise of this story is the understanding of love and passion and how they are woven together.”- Star


A lull in the sea/Polar Bear cafe

Image result for polar bear cafe
“It is literally a warm cup of tea.”- Star
Image result for a lull in the sea
“I love the OST and the story is cute sad and happy.”- Luna


Fruits Basket/Watakoi

Image result for watakoi love is hard for otaku
“I wish this was a real relationship I could have. If you ask which the answer is both.”- Luna
Image result for fruits basket promo
“Everyone can relate to one person is this story in some aspect. This show is the essence of kindness.”- Star


The Pet girl of Sakurasou/Appare Ranman

Image result for appare ranman
“I can’t help but audibly crack up by how cute, funny, inspiring this show is. Geniuses amirite?”- Star
Image result for pet girl of sakurasou anime
Everything. It’s artistically inspiring. It gives you the good butterfly feelies.- Luna


Psycho Pass/Beastars

Image result for psycho pass
This world is a brain exercise in philosphy and the fundemental study of the human nature. Also one of my favorite Antagonists of all time.”- Star
Image result for beastars
“Where I even begin? The deer omg Louis. Is it love, is it sex, is it growing up? The world may never know.”- Luna


Iraduku the world in color/Jyu oh Sei

Image result for Iraduku the world in color
“TBH it was not a story you are expecting. The reveal at the end– *chef’s kiss*”- Luna
Image result for jyu oh sei
“You can watch this anime like a movie. It’s so brilliant.”- Star


Sarazanmai/Magical Arcade Abenobashi

Image result for magical shopping arcade abenobashi
“This feels like a parody and teenage boy’s wet dream until you realize it is exactly that but on a level that is about his insecurities and his fear of change.”- Star
Image result for sarazanmai
“Well. It’s a concept. Tragically cute and absurdly deep.”- Luna

Hope you enjoyed our colorful recommendations! Now for the invites! (It said one but I found 10…)

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Of Midnight Ravings


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Aketsu Blog

That Random Editor’s Anime Blog

Stay Weebtastic!




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