K at The Movies features YCK and other anibloggers in a TikTok Battle Royale

Hey! It’s been a while since we’ve had a collaboration but we did manage to have one this year! Once our partnership with Kumoricon ended for the meantime, we had some free-time to film a thing for a fellow blogger who approached us on Twitter. This game was vague but once we were playing it we were given a lot more context that actually barely helped at all haha, but overall it was pretty funny. We kept notes while we played and tried our best to guess what anime reference we were watching. Given, neither of us have seen enough anime related TikToks (I know that’s strange for anibloggers). Anyways, here is the battle!

We also figured we’d give you what didn’t make the final cut haha. So here’s our answers!

If you’d like to see how our team did here is a link to a playlist we made where you can watch all 5 parts with all the other fellow bloggers!

What a wild ride that was! We’re looking forward to more collaborations in the future! Hope you enjoyed watching us really fail but at least we weren’t the worse!

AishiteLOVEru & Stay weebtastic,




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