First Impressions: Parallel World Pharmacy

Imagine a world where healthcare cost way too much money and the average person couldn’t afford it. Okay. That world is our world, but not the world in Parallel World Pharmacy–at least not if our main character has anything to do about it. Let’s back up a little.

So this is an isekai. We begin the series with our homeboy in his real life–a researcher who quite literally worked himself to death trying to find a cure for the disease that took the life of his little sister. He literally ‘dies’ on the couch, at work, having stayed up for who knows how long. And then he wakes up in a fantasy world as a TEN YEAR OLD. This can’t possibly be bad right? Actually, it really can’t. It’s a weirdly wholesome show. Anyway, so homeboy is now a legit boy in a rich family of doctors. However, our MC has a secret (and extremely OP) power, to literally see what ails a person. Even more than that? He, being from our time–has extensive medical knowledge that the rest of the world just didn’t have. Which pretty much makes him a child prodigy in this world. And you know what he decides to do with all the power? PROVIDE AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE. I kid you not. This man-child is ridiculously wholesome. In a normal isekai, I would expected the dude to use this power to acclaim fame and glory–perhaps to fight. But no. This kid is like–“I’m disgusted that there’s no affordable healthcare. I’mma fix that.” Iconic.

I will say that despite the premise, which I heavily enjoy, the overall anime is slow. Like yes, it has some really great moments–the kid offers mother’s jobs at his various stores, he bonds well with his younger sister in the new world (and she’s lowkey helping him heal his past trauma), but there’s so much dialogue in this show it can get overwhleming. Like, it’s a slice of life so that really does make sense. And I would never want to see another isekai be about battling–I like this phamaceutical story. However, I also know that it’s edging on drama whereas other anime in similar veins has been more comedic–such as Isekai Drugstore. I do really like the story and plot though still. It’s just a cup of tea anime–meaning it may be your cup of tea and it really also might not be. I really want to see more from our main character and see how his past life really effects this current one–and how it’s being cathartic for him in terms of healing. He’s so busy solving other ailments and worrying about the healthcare system, I feel like we could go deeper.

Anyway, so Parallel World Pharmacy–definitely a decent show that is at least a delight to watch. It can get boring occassionally, but overall it’s actually a nice anime. It has remained wholesome, despite the many girls that surround the MC–but that makes sense since he’s now 10. I also think it’ll be great to watch him heal as he heals the world. So would I recommend watching? Sure why not.

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