This story seems familiar it better not be bait First Impressions- Lycoris Recoil

So before I jump in, I want to say without saying this anime is a lot like another drama in character personalities and possible GL and BL relationships so if I start rambling it’s because I have a lot of feelings about this show and the drama so excuse me.

Watch the trailer

So the story is about two girls who are trained special agents. The blonde in red is an excellent marksmans who decided to leave the agent academy to work as a freelance agent at a cafe who is owned by the black guy. Given the cafe runs random errands of all kinds it collects people of different backgrounds, ages and personalities. The girl in green is like support and the blonde in yellow is a tech genius. One day the black-haired girl in blue joins their cafe because she can’t play with others.

Our red-wearing blonde is quite the eccentric troublemaker named Lycoris who is thrown in as Takina, the black-haired beauty’s field partner. The two of them couldn’t be more opposite. While the girl in red is creative, flirtatious and devious, the girl in blue is serious, naive but incredibly intelligent. The both are top of their class as agents and make an incredibly interesting and dangerous dynamic as they learn more about each other.

So the colors are yellow, green, purple, red and blue. The Main characters are top of their class who wear red and blue. One is serious all the time and doesn’t know how to share their feelings and the other is wild and flirts all the time. But don’t worry they’re JUST FRIENDS. (I swear if this is bait I’m going to cry.)

Art wise, I absolutely love it. Even the commercial break images are great. It’s like splash pages but each character is a reveal. It’s very cute. I also enjoy the aesthetic of the opening and the ending. The vibrant colors with the modern, urban city-looking twist reminds me of RBG (Tokyo 24th ward)

Music wise, I like the opening and ending songs. I think they are cute and well paried with the music.

Anyways, I really hope we don’t get baited. I rather this be a beautiful GL story between who highly skilled agents. (Between a crafty person in red and a studious person in blue.)




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