An Infinite Trolley Problem – First Impressions: Tokyo 24th Ward

Hello all and welcome back to Otaku Thursday! I can’t believe we are already through the month of January. Like, where did the time go. What happened? How is it 2022? The questions are boundless. But here we are, and here I am, with my first First Impression of 2022. Today, we’re going to talk about one that Star and I have been weirdly enjoying so far, and that show is Tokyo 24th Ward.

tokyo 24th ward 
first impression
Shuta, Ran, Koki

Tokyo 24th Ward 
Shuta, Ran, Koki

What, you may ask, is Tokyo 24th Ward? Excellent question. Tokyo 24th Ward is an anime about three childhood friends who all receive warnings from their fourth dead friend about future events. She instructs them to choose the future in each of these events. Now, this is interesting because these three friends were very close once, but have since strayed apart from each other after being unable to save their dead friend. This makes their dynamic a little awkward at first, but also comfortable with each other. Our main characters, RGB (no seriously people call them this), are quite entertaining in that right. Each are also very distinctively them–that is to say, they are each so unique it both makes you wonder how they were ever friends, but also deeply understand why they were (they each seem to have something another is missing). There is the smart one, the strong one, and the overly artistic one. Each fitting a character archetype pretty easily. So while yes, the cast is entertaining and clicks well, I am waiting to see more from them on a deeper level.

Shuta Aoi
Tokyo 24th Ward premiere

As for the overall plot being theat they get to choose the future…it’s alright. While an interesting premise, it’s essentially been like watching the trolley problem over and over again thus far. So the first time they found a way to get the trolley off the tracks, the second time they realizded you can’t always stop the trolley…the next one–will they weigh their options in the opposite direction? Or be frozen and unable to choose? I wonder how many iterations of the trolley problem they will face, and how (and if) it’ll tear them apart or pull them closer together. Because as an ethics question, they won’t all always have the same answer and as situations escalate their differing personalities could be polarizing. So then the question is, will the anime keep us engaged, knowing that there is no real answer to solving the trolley problem? Maybe. If it leans more into the incident of their fourth friend dying and unveiling the mystery of why these incidents are happening, it could prove to be really engaging. Otherwise, I don’t know where it’s going. Which again, is fair considering we’re only episode three and everybody knows episode 5/6 is where an anime really starts taking off.

Tokyo 24th Ward 
First Impressions
episode 1
Shuta and Asumi

Animation and music wise, so far it’s pretty good. Not too notable any which way, though I will admit B’s insane parkour is a delight to watch–no matter how much I question how the fuck he just scales buildings. (Like seriously. Wtf?) The show also manages to pull off some really heartwrenching moments in it’s first episodes despite not knowing characters well, and that’s mainly due to how well scenes are drafted out. It feels very cinematic with the way they are choosing to tell the story so far, which is something I wasn’t really expecting. Maybe that’s why Star and I are weirdly more into it than we thought we’d be.

Overall, Tokyo 24th Ward has been much better than anticipated. What started as a mere interest has promise of becoming something really good–so long as it plays it’s cards right. If it keeps to using the same gimmicks, it could end up drab, but as the mysteries of the show unfolds along with backstory, this could be something really special. Star and I look forward to continuing it.

Tokyo 24th Ward 
Asumi, Koki, Shuta, Ran

Anyway, that’s all for today! This has been a super short first impressions as I get back into the motion of doing these for this season’s anime. Which, by the way, there are SO many. We are watching at least 15 this season. Absolutely crazy. And keep an eye out next week for what (I hope) will be, our You Can’t Know Anime Awards for 2021 where we’ll highlight the best of the best, as told by us!

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