First Impressions: Skate-Leading Stars

Hey all, I took one for the team, and started watching this to see if it was worth it. Because you know, some of us are still holding onto the hope that one day Yuri on Ice will come back and steal our hearts. But honestly, it’s a far off dream so all we can do….is hope another one is just as gay, I mean, good.

So this is about how the redhead becomes inspired by watching the white-haired kid skate. Even though the redhead was a good skater, the white-haired kid tells him he’d never get to his level. Instead of getting upset he felt the need to prove him wrong, not because he needed to wanted to prove himself but because of admiration. (Of course that’s not what the white-haired kid thinks.) The magic of the series stems from the redhead being able to imitate jumps and moves. The team then tries to teach the redhead that there is more to skating than copying moves. That technique and passion are equal parts of skating.

So I guess you can say that this was definitely not a BoysLove and is just bait. I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is a good sports anime more than it is your average sports anime.

Alright that’s it! More to come from me later~



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