Odd Taxi Review- Watch it to the end…

Heyo, it’s yo gurl Star, for those of you that don’t know this anime it’s kinda like the healthy in-between of Zootopia and Beastars. More adult than a Disney movie but less… graphic than Beastars. It ends in 12 episodes and wow does it make a lot of sense when you get there. Anyways onward to the review!

Odd Taxi crunchyroll
Watch the trailer here

The story follows many storylines.

A walrus.

A poodle.

A hippo

A boar and a llamma

A monkey.

A dog.

A baboon.

A porcupine.

A jaguar.

Odd Taxi crunchyroll

Our main character is the Walrus, don’t get it wrong. At times it feels like you have no idea how any of these plots all connect. Strangely, it’s exactly how you think it does. It’s because of a taxi and the weird part is, these characters weren’t always taking rides. Some of them were only passengers for one ride, another was the driver. Each ride led to an elaborate connection between each character. Where some played a friend, a manager, a gangster, an idol star, and a social media influencer. Like a sort of domino effect, they each affect each other in order to bring the full plot to a meloncholy story with an uplifting ending.

Odd Taxi crunchyroll

So if I had to sum up my experience, I honestly underestimated the characters of the show. Certain things I figured were just going to lead to a slice of life answer but each character was actually working on overcoming something. I could see how some viewers could find relations between the character and themselves. Common themes were confidence, aspirations, belonging, and passion. Finding it, losing it, achieving it, living it, just breathing it.

Odd Taxi on crunchyroll

Anyways, there’s a gang ring, a murderer, a stalker, a shooter, a rapper, an ultimate fighter, a failed engagment, an idol group, a comedian love story, a heist, and of course, a taxi driver. And the opening is a bop.

You’ll just have to watch the rest for yourself.




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